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“Verta-Plex” The Vertical Bug Conversion


Vertical Bug Conversion

If you would like to have one of your Vibroplex Originals or Blue Racer Bugs converted over to a Verta-Plex Vertical Bug I offer that service.

I use the top side parts from your Vibroplex Original or Blue Racer and convert those parts over to a beautiful Verta-Plex Vertical Bug!

If Interested contact me via email >>> 2bradioparts@gmail.com

I will reply back to you in a timely manor and answer any questions!.

You only need to send me all THE TOP SIDE PARTS OFF YOUR OLD BUG less the original damper assembly (not needed).  I also don't need any of the original mounting screws.

Upon receipt of your parts I will then convert your bug parts into a beautiful Verta-Plex Vertical Bug (shown in the picture)

I provide all the other parts required to complete this conversion. I only ask that you allow me 10~14 days from the time I receive your parts to complete you conversion. You will be kept well informed of the conversion process via email.

The Verta-Plex bug shown in the picture was made from the topside parts of an 60’s erra Blue Racer. A Verta-Plex conversion done with parts from a Vibroplex Original looks the same except the (Mainframe) that supports the lever is slightly larger.

Cost for the conversion is $115 + $13.50 for return shipping via “USPS Priority Mail”

Additional Information

You will receive back a beautiful Verta-Plex Vertical Bug and it will have its own serial number engraved on a beautiful attached brass name plate. The conversion back plate and base assembly I have designed are professionally machined and commercially powder coated for excellent paint adhesion and beautiful appearance.

During the conversion process I will polish the contacts and clean the lever pivots prior to re-assembly. If you upper parts are excessively dirty you may wish to pre-clean them prior to shipment, or for an additional $15 we can clean and polish your chrome parts while they are in our shop. Please understand the cleaning and polishing process will not correct poor plating, pitted or rusted chrome. Hand cleaned and polished parts will further enhance your Verta-Plex Vertical bug appearance.

I can also furnish most any repair parts that might be needed at the time of the conversion process for simply the cost of the repair part or parts required to make the repair. See our repair parts available. www.2bradioparts.com

Questions? Feel free to email me: 2bradioparts@gmail.com

Regards, Donnie Garrett / WA9TGT

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Verta-Plex Images

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