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Parts Made In The USA !

Parts for “Vibroplex”

1.9oz 7/8” OD


(For Vibroplex)

Price $20.00 each + S&H

1.4oz 3/4” L x 5/8”W

Brushed Satin Nickel Plated Finish

(For Vibroplex Lighting, Champion)

Price $22.50 each + S&H

Item # 080

Item # 093

Appx 3/4” L

Will also fit

Speed-X & Cedar Rapids Bug’s

Item # 087

Item # 090

Replacement Bug Knob

(For 1944 and Older Vibroplex)

(Styled After Original)

Price $13.00 each + S&H

Replacement Bug Thumb-Piece (For 1944 and older Vibroplex)

Price $9.00 each + S&H

Item # 075

Item # 110

Replacement Bug/Keyer Knob

(For 1945  and  

Later Vibroplex)

Price $13.00 each + S&H

Replacement  Oval (Black)

Thumb-Piece (For 1945 and newer Vibroplex Bug

Price $9.00 each + S&H

Item # 119

Item # 118

Replacement 2 pc Set

Bug Knob & Thumb-piece

For 1945 and Newer


Price $22.00 per 2pc set + S&H

Replacement 3 pc Set

Bug Knob. Thumb-piece & Closure Knob

For 1945> and Newer


  Price $28.00 per 3pc set + S&H

Replacement Oval (Dk Translucent Red)

Thumb-Piece (For 1945 and newer Vibroplex Bug

Price $9.00 each + S&H

(Dark Translucent Red)

(Same color as in the 2 & 3 pc sets above)

Closer match color to 50~late 60’s era.

Item # 124



Vibroplex Bumpers late 60’s ~ present

3pc Bumper Pack

Price $4.00 Plus S&H

Replacement Closure Switch Knob (Vibroplex & Others))

(Fits Many Early~ Mid Vibroplex  Models)

Price $10.00 each + S&H


This is a non original size speed-weight. It’s 7/8” in diameter same diameter as 1938~39 MAC’s. It is 3/4” long which is  the same length as Vibroplex’s large 1.0oz weight, but  weighs 90% more. It is supplied with a premium stainless thumb-screw.

Thumb Nuts

Nickel Plated Knurled 8-32 / Diamond Pattern

Pk of (2) Price $5.00 + S&H

Item # 085


This is not the standard size weigh that came with the Lighting or Champion bugs. Its an oversize weight made intentionally to help slow down your J-36,  Lighting and or Champion bug. It is 5/8” square x 3/4” in length. It is supplied with a premium stainless thumb-screw.

Item # 122

Dark Translucent Red Closer in color to 50~late 60’s era.

Item # 088



Dark Translucent Red Closure Switch Knob

(For Vibroplex Bug)

Price $10.00 each + S&H


Standard Black

Closure Switch Knob

(For Vibroplex Bug)

Price $10.00 each + S&H

Item # 091

Replacement Closure Switch Knob (Very Early Vibroplex))

(Smooth Barrel Version) 1913~1917

Price $10.00 each + S&H


This (1944 and older) style knob is now being shipped with a “aged” look. What's different? Just the glossy sheen has been removed. This makes it appear to be an even better match with the time era.


Vibroplex Bumpers early 20’s ~ mid 60’s

3 pc Bumper Pack

Price $5.25 Plus S&H

Item # 138

Replacement Bug Key Knob

(Very Early Vibroplex))

(Model X / Blue Racer) 1913~1917

Price $13.00 each + S&H

Side View


This knob has a dull aged look finish. It is a like similar replacement for the shallow knob used on the Vibroplex Martins, Model-X & Blue Racer bugs era span 1912~1917 It has a diameter of 1.235” +/- .005

(It is machined to accept a 6-32 screw and has a threaded hole depth of (.200” MAX!)


Item # 139


Is a Registered Trademark of  the

Vibroplex Company.

Rear View

Item # 139

Item # 048


Vibroplex Bumpers early teen’s ~ early 20’s

3pc Bumper Pack

Price $4.00 Plus S&H

Item # 047

Item # 111