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I do not ship parts in a common letter envelope in order to make a couple extra bucks off you on shipping!

Your plastic parts are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a padded bubble mailer for protection.

Sorry! We Only Ship Stateside!

The following shipping rates apply to parts shipments within the Lower 48 CONUS.

                                                                 (Parts Total)                  (S&H)

                                                            .01           ~    $60.00      =    $3.50

                                                            $60.01     ~    $100.00    =    $4.25

                                                            $100.01   ~    $135.00    =    $5.25

                                                            $135.01   ~    $175.00    =    $6.25                                                             

                                                            $175.01   ~    and up       =    $7.25

Parts Orders Ship Out On Tuesdays & Thursdays by 1st Class US Postal Mail Within the Lower 48 CONUS.

Feel free to e-mail us at: 2bradioparts@gmail.com  to inquire about shipping cost prior to placing any order.

Parts May Also Be Ordered By Mail:

Send Check or USPS Money Order Made Payable To:

2B Radio Parts, LLC

3105 W. Aruba Way

Muncie, IN 47302


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