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WA9TGT / Donnie / SKCC# 10784

“Customers Comments”


Received new thumb pieces for the K8RA , and they are beautiful! They bolted right up with no problems or modifications!



The finger pieces arrived today.  They are 100% GREAT!!

John, K4TYZ


Got dot spring today in mail.  Nice work.  The spring is rust free and blue again.  The contact is unbelievably polished.  The solder job looks very secure and clean.

Wow! ,Tom W8FIB


The stainless weights match up to my Mac Speed-stream bugs perfectly. The brass weights looked good, but the stainless is just meant for this bug. I have a couple of 1936A Mac bugs that look great with the brass weights.

Your products are excellent!

Charles, WG6CFS

Hi Donnie,

    Finger-pieces arrived today in excellent shape. They are far in excess of what I expected – just awesome.

Ed, N3CW

Hi Donnie.

I just wanted to thank you for making it possible for me to finally restore my father’s key.

I couldn’t believe a replacement was available! It’s a perfect repro.

Regards, Roger



Thanks perfect fit looks great.    Best 73. Ed. Wb2ukx