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and replacement repair parts for

Bugs Keys & Keyer paddles.

WA9TGT / Donnie / SKCC# 10784

In 1966 I obtained my amateur radio licensed at the age of 15. I was issued the call of

WN9TGT, this was the beginning of my now, a lifelong adventure in amateur radio.

Over the past 50 years years I have operated almost entirely cw. I operate primarily on the 80 & 40 meter HF bands. 40 meters has always being my favorite HF cw band.

I purchased my first new bug when I was 15, it was a (Johnson Speed X Model 114-520)

My purchase of that (Bug) began my interest in semi-automatic keys of which still  continues today.

Over the past several years I have machined and supplied various replacement repair parts for the R. L. Drake Radio 2 & 4 Line gear. I no longer make or sell any Drake parts.

I now only machine various telegraph Key, Bug &  Paddle parts including bug weights that fit Vibroplex, McElroy, TAC, Les Logan Speed-X, Cedar Rapids.

Thank you for your support and patronage!

Donnie / WA9TGT / SKCC #10784

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